Over the Devil’s Back

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If you knew a secret, a terrible secret, one that could destroy a family, would you keep your silence?

Would you choose friendship over justice?

Would you hide the truth to protect someone you love?

What would you do if you were only nine years old?

Over the Devil’s Back was named a Finalist in the 2022 National Indie Book Awards. This family saga explores the complex dynamics of a wealthy and powerful family. As harsh realities began to surface, conflicts and social circumstances are presented from differing points of view, none more endearing than the deep bond of friendship between two young children from vastly different backgrounds. But can that friendship survive the ruinous consequences of a long-held secret?

This novel spans twenty years and tells the story of a complicated southern family, each member struggling to come to terms with temptation, past regrets and long-held secrets.

All That Remains

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In the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, little girls have started to disappear. The city is in hysterics. Parents are frantic, and the police are baffled. Thea Kelly is one of the shocked community members, witnessing the horror via the news on TV. She feels bad for the parents, but her home is protected and her neighborhood is safe. She isnt worrieduntil her own daughter, Alexa, goes missing.

Days pass, then weeks and months. Alexa Kelly is not coming home. The realization is paralyzing, and Thea finds it almost impossible to go on. An entire year passes before the culprit is brought to justice, but there is no word on the whereabouts of Theas daughter or whether she is alive or dead. It is possible that the kidnapper did not murder all the girls, but it looks as though Theas daughters location will remain a mystery forever.

No longer able to remain in Dallassurrounded by the memories of her little girlThea escapes to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she plans to start a new life, leaving the painful past behind. The healing process gradually begins when she meets new friends and embarks upon a new career. But is it possible to move on after the loss of a child, or will Thea always be haunted by the image of her little girl, reaching out to her?